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Writers the world over are unique people, in fact unique so much so that the general public almost always misunderstands them. In the UK-the mother of the English language and home to the most celebrated author in the world over in the shape of the late William Shakespeare-there are so many authors who have cut a niche for themselves among the very best in the world in the past and presently. It is hard to sort of find an author who doesn’t strive to be the best in his or her category. Everybody involved in the written literature field strives to be the best. Essayists, script writers, mainstream authors and whatnot dream of scaling the heights in their respective genres.

English is a beautiful language, and no other group has taken cognizance of that fact than the UK writers. I have spent a considerable amount of time studying our esteemed writers’  lives and I must admit that I was perplexed but ultimately impressed by what I unearthed. Most people, myself included, at least before I began my research, have misconstructions about what authors are really like and whether their lives are by any means different from other people’s lives. I hope that by the time you are done reading my findings in the subsequent blogs you will concur with me that albeit slightly different, the lives of the writers are on the whole the same as that of other people.

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